Excursion to Sarnath - On the Buddhist Trail

Excursion to Triveni Sangam (Allahabad)

Allahabad or Prayag is 3.5 hours' drive west from Varanasi, at the confluence of three sacred rivers: Ganga, Yamuna, and the mythical Saraswati. This is one of the holiest spots for Hindus. It is believed that a dip here cleanses the soul of all its past sins and frees it from the endless cycle of rebirth. Allahabad passed through the hands of multiple rulers. It was an epicentre of nationalist fervour during the Indian independence movement. Today, this thriving city is known for its cultural, literary and religious activities.

In this tour, we will visit the Triveni Sangam ghat, the confluence of sacred rivers. Those interested can take a dip. We will take a boat ride along the river, with views of the imposing Mughal fort from the boat. We will visit Anand Bhavan, the home of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India and a key figure in the independence movement. We will also visit Khusro Bagh, a beautiful garden and Mughal tomb.

When: All days except Monday (Anand Bhavan is closed on Mondays).

Start Place: Your hotel

End Place: Your hotel

Cost: The cost depends on the number of people on the tour, and your start/end location. If you are doing a day excursion from Varanasi, we will arrange a car for the day (to pick you up from your hotel, take you to Allahabad, and drop you back to your hotel). If you are arriving in Allahabad by train, we can arrange pickup from the train station, or from your hotel in Allahabad. Please write to deepa@magictoursofindia.com with your requirements.


This is a private tour and we are happy to customise it. We can see more sights in the city if you are interested. If you would like to visit some famous local temples or conduct specific prayers, please let us know in advance and we will arrange it. Please dress modestly as the Triveni Sangam is a religious centre. Be sensitive and discreet if you are photographing people, especially mendicants, women or those from religious orders. Please also note, the row-boats each have a capacity of six. If you are more than 4 people, we can take more row-boats. Motorboats with a capacity of 12 are also available.