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If you chat with a local in Varanasi, you'll soon discover that the city is made up almost entirely of legends. In fact, it is impossible to figure out where myth ends and history begins.

The river Ganges, the temples and the ghats are the sites of many mythological stories from the ancient Puranas, imbuing Varanasi with extraordinary sanctity. Apart from being a sacred Hindu tirtha (crossing-point or ford, literally a place where you cross over into the next world), Varanasi is sacred to Buddhists and Jains as well.

Alongside its religious aspects, the city has also been an important trading centre. Local arts and crafts have flourished here for centuries. It has been the birthplace of poetry, literature and music. It continues to be a leading centre of knowledge, and is home to several campuses imparting both traditional and modern education.

Come, let us explore the city of Shiva together - it is a journey, both for the body and the mind. There are walks, boat rides as well as explorations by car, depending on your interests. If there is something other than these tours which you want to experience, let us know and we will be glad to assist.